Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190

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Olympus OTV-S190 Processor, Olympus UHI-4 45 Liter Insufflator

OLYMPUS CLV-S190 Light Source , Olympus 26″ Medical Grade Monitor

Power cord and Monitor Stand, Olympus MD Cart

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Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190 Advanced HDTV Video Processor and High-Intensity 300-Watt Light Source – both with NBI.

The Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190 brings out the full new scope performance.

The Multi-platform system enables existing scopes to be used as well. Stabilized colour reproduction and image noise reduction improving image quality to the next level.

The Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190  delivers vivid and true colour reproduction. With a new scope individual colour correction system, the OTV is able to adjust the colour reproduction of all connected scopes to the exact same level. Your images never looked more life like on a OR sreen.

Key Benefits Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190

  • High-resolution HDTV imaging capability provides the optimal image for a wide range of surgical procedures with both rigid and flexible endoscopes.
  • Full support for the World’s First HIGH-DEFINITION Flexible Cysto-Nephro Videoscope, the CYF-VH, for a crystal clear view of the bladder and kidneys.
  • Structure enhancement: an imaging processing technique that electronically emphasizes the detailed patterns and edges of an image to increase sharpness.
  • Noise Reduction Technology reduces the appearance of noise on all Olympus Videoscopes.
  • 1080p Video, DVI, HD-SDI, and analog video outputs provide flexibility to integrate Olympus with existing equipment without compromising performance.
  • Patented Narrow-Band Imaging (NBI) is now brighter when compared to previous Visera models.


Specs Olympus Visera Elite OTV-S190

Power Supply
Voltage120 – 240V AC; +10%
Frequency50/60 Hz; +1 HZ
Consumption Electric Power150 VA
Dimensions (W x H x D)370 x 85 x 455 mm
Weight8.8 kg
Video Signals
Video FormatNTSC, YPbPr & RGB
SDTV Signal OutputVBS Composite, Y/C, HD-SDI, DVI, RGBs
Narrow Band ImagingWhen the light source (CLV-S190, CLVS40Pro, CLV-180) is connected to this instrument, Narrow Band Imaging (NBI) is available for use with compatible cameras and Videoscopes
Remote Control1/8″ Stereo Remote Jacks (2), Olympus Monitor Remote

Image Capture

MediaUSB Media — MAJ-1925 (Olympus)
Recording FormatTIFF: no compression, JPEG (1/5): approx 1/5, JPEG (1/10): approx 1/10
Number of ImagesTIFF: approx 115, JPEG(1/5): approx 500, JPEG (1/10) approx 1500

High Resolution

Next generation HD supports all new 10mm multichip Video Laparoscopes as well as all new 3CCD camera heads with improved image processing circuit.

Noise reduction function

The processor can eliminate noise without causing quality deterioration. It compares each pixel in the previous frame instead of averaging all the pixels in one frame. Perfect picture clarity and resolution.

Stabilized colour reproduction

Colour variation between scopes is solved by an individual colour correction system. This colour correction technology is used in digital cameras developed by Olympus comsumer cameras, is now applied to medical use.

Product Specs CLV-S190:

– Power Supply
– Voltage: 120-240V AC; +10%
– Frequency: 50/60Hz; + 3HZ
– Consumption Electric Power: 500 VA

– Lamp: 300 W (Xenon)
– Lamp Life: Approx 500 hrs
– Ignition: Switching Regulator
– Brightness Adjustment: Light-path diaphragm control
– Cooling: Forced-air cooling
– NBI (Narrow Band Imaging): Available
– Emergency Lamp: Halogen 12 V, 35 W

Video System and Accessories:

– OTV-S190: VISERA ELITE HDTV Video Processor
– CLV-S190: VISERA ELITE 300W Xenon Light Source
– MAJ-1921: VISERA ELITE Keyboard
– MAJ-1925: Olympus 2GB USB Portable Memory
– MAJ-1957: VISERA ELITE Monitor/Printer Remote Cable
– MAJ-438: Remote Accessory Cable

Compatible Ancillary Devices:

– IMH-20: HD Video Recorder, Dual Channel, 500GB, Touch Screen
– IMH-10: HD Video Recorder, Single Channel, 320GB
– OEP-5: HD Medical-Grade Color Video Printer
– K10021612: WM-P2 Series Surgical Workstation w/Arm & Keyboard Tray

Compatible Videoscopes & Cameras:

– CYF-VH: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope
– CYF-VHA: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope with suction valve
– CYF-VHR: HD Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope with reverse angulation
– CYF-V2: Standard Definition Flexible Cysto-Nephro-Videoscope
– URF-V: Flexible Uretero-Reno Videoscope
– OTV-S7ProH-HD-L08E: HD Urology Lightweight Camera Head, 0.8 Zoom, Right Angle w/NBI
– OTV-S7H-1D-L08E: SD Urology Lightweight Camera Head, 0.8 Zoom, Right Angle
– OTV-S7ProH-HD-10E: HD Autoclavable Camera Head, 1.0x Zoom
– OTV-S7ProH-HD-12E: HD Autoclavable Camera Head, 1.2x Zoom


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