Pentax EG-2990K Video Gastroscope

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Pentax EG-2990K Video Gastroscope

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Pentax EG-2990K Video Gastroscope in excellent aesthetic and functional condition. Purchase this gently used item at a fraction of the manufacturer price.

This gastroscope was purchased from a facility with a Pentax service contract. All OEM components. Crystal clear image, free of any defects. Strong light guide output. Insertion tube and light guide tubes are in excellent condition, free of buckles and chemical deterioration. Angulates smoothly to manufacturer specifications. Passed final inspection including thorough leak test. This NTSC endoscope is compatible with Pentax EPK-700, EPK-1000, EPK-i, and EPK-i5010 video pocessors.

Pentax EG-2990K Video Gastroscope Features:

– Full screen display size give superior image quality
– Extra wide field of view of 140 degrees
– Unique dedicated forward water jet
– Ergonomically designed grip to enhance scope maneuverability and handling
– Compatible with EPK-I, EPK-1000 & EPK-700


– Diameter: 9.8mm
– Working Length: 105cm
– Instrument Channel: 2.8 mm
– Field of View: 140 degrees
– Angulation Range: Up: 210, Down: 120, Right: 120, Left 120


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