Philips C5-1 Transducer

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Philips C5-1 Transducer

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Philips C5-1 Transducer Broadband curved array transducer with PureWave crystal technology

The Philips ultrasound transducers provide intelligent and cost-effective solutions to improve patient care, clinical outcomes, and clinician satisfaction. Philips transducers are intuitive, powerful, and versatile, achieving accuracy and reliability.

With a large number of elements that capture a high range of frequency, the premium ultrasound probes allow clinicians to steer the probe easily, increasing the coverage and focus of the targeted area.

Philips ultrasound transducers are handheld and ergonomic, easily adapting to your practice. Suitable for all imaging options (2D, 3D, 4D; flat, static, or moving) including echocardiography, doppler, and sonography.

Designed to guide and address the needs and challenges of healthcare professionals in different clinical scenarios,  unique ultrasound probes can be used both inside and outside of a hospital setting. The transducers are also useful in emergency and mobile settings, as they are portable and lightweight. With the touch of a button, clinicians can swiftly acquire high-quality images needed for correct diagnosis.

Explore the wide range of  ultrasound transducers. Search by ultrasound system, clinical segment, application, or transducer type.

The Philips C5-1 Transducer is compatible with Philips iU22 and CX50 ultrasound systems. The C5-1 probe can be utilized for fetal echo, abdominal vascular and renal applications.

* Technology: Broadband
* Number of elements: 160
* Frequency range: 5-1 MHz
* Number of elements: 160


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