Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine

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Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine & S5-1 PROBE

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The Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine is a high-resolution system intended for cardiac imaging and analysis. The cart is ergonomically designed to be both highly mobile and adjustable for a range of users and operating conditions.

You can use it for 2D, Live 3D Echo, M-mode, Doppler, and Color imaging.You can also perform Duplex,Triplex,and Live x Plane imaging.Stress echo cardiography is standard on the system,and Q LAB Advanced Quantification Software plug-ins are available as options.The system supports a wide range of transducers.The system provides measurement tools,analysis options,and DICOM network capabilities


Measurements The system provides tools and controls for measuring distance, area, and volume. In calculations,the following application-specific tools are available:

• Aliasing Velocity

• Backup• Continuous Trace

• Distance

• Ellipse

• End Measure

• Erase Caliper

• Heart Rate

• Hip Tools

The Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine is a premium level cardiovascular ultrasound machine that was launched in 2004 and has been revised and improved over the past decade. In 2010 Philips launched the iE33 x Matrix, a major update that supported the brand new x Matrix transducers with thousands of elements each and capable not only of extraordinary image quality, but also viewing images in 2 planes in real time as well as 4D without the need for a mechanical probe.

The Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine also has the powerful Q LAB quantification package and a host of other cardiovascular specific software enhancements that speed and add diagnostic confidence to standard cardiac and vascular exams. The Epiq 7 has replaced the iE33, but as it has over a decade of being the cardiovascular gold standard it remains one of the most popular ultrasound machines in demand. Those looking for similar power and features at the premium level who focus on OB/G Y N or radiology should consider instead the Philips iU22 which looks identical to the iE33 except for one touchscreen while the iE33 has two

Philips IE33 All Cart Levels

In the Philips iE33 Ultrasound , Philips appeals to the clinical needs of patients with cardiac disease, such as heart failure, vascular disease, and congenital heart disease. The Philips IE33 provides high quality images in both 2D and Live 3D imaging, along with quantification, clinical performance, and information management. This particular Philips model contains Cardiac Motion Quantification, which increases the accuracy of LV function and wall motion measurement.

For budget-minded offices, MedCorp offers the refurbished IE33 ultrasound system for purchase. Used Philips IE33’s from MedCorp offer everything you’d expect from a newer machine, including a fast and consistent way to automate stress echo exams for up to 4 chambers.

Philips iE33 Ultrasound Machine System Overview

Year Launched: 2004
Estimated Market Price ($): Premium
Monitor (inch): 17″LCD(20″ option)
Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor: Yes
Monitor Resolution:
Image Size Resolution:
Touch Screen (Inch): DUAL
Trackball or Track pad: Trackball
CP Back-Lighting:Yes
Probe Ports: 3
Boot-Up Time:120sec
Sleep Mode (Quick Start):30sec(stanby mode)
Maximum Depth of Field:30cm
Minimum Depth of Field:2cm
Cart (HCU):No
Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels:Yes


DICOM 3.0:Yes(Option)
DICOM SR_Cardiac:Yes
DICOM SR_Vascular :Yes
Wireless LAN:No


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