GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe

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GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe

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The GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe family of portable handheld ultrasound devices offers intuitive pocket-sized ultrasound capabilities that enable clinicians to easily image patients at the point of care  transforming the physical exam with more information to determine the optimized course of treatment.

GE Vscan Ultrasound by  Dual Probe fits in the palm of your hand, helping cardiologists, general practitioners, OB/GYN, primary care, emergency physicians and intensivists accelerate treatment decisions at the bedside. Backed by dozens of research papers, the Vscan family is an invaluable tool for making a difference in your practice, improving outcomes, enhancing workflows and reducing the overall cost of care.

GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe product overview

GE Healthcare’s innovative pocket-sized ultrasound features the first of its kind dual probe that houses two transducers in one

The Vscan and two  handpiece transforms physical exams that help enable efficient triage, fast workflow, and deepens patient connection.

This intuitive device provides a non-invasive look inside the body, and both shallow and deep views, that helps speed diagnostic decisions for a wide range of clinical applications.

diagnostic information in the palm of your hand, this system may help you:

  • Have greater clinical confidence, and immediate visual validation of what you feel and hear
  • Reduce patient wait times for clinical information to guide appropriate course of care
  • Support efficient workflow across your health system for time and cost savings

Benefits of Vscan  Dual Probe

Vscan with Dual Probe may help fill in the diagnostic gaps when you don’t have the full story. The innovative probe with phased and linear array transducers is always connected and ready for many applications.

Small and lightweight
GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe can travel with you-from patient to patient-within your primary, critical, or specialty care clinical environment.

Easy to use
Just flip the top and it starts up. With its one-hand user interface and presets for common applications, Vscan with Dual Probe imaging slips easily into your patient care routine.

Count on Vscan with Dual Probe throughout your busy day-a single charge provides up to one hour of continuous scanning. Easy-to-swap batteries can extend operation all day long.

Vscan with Dual Probe adds clinical value and can help support excellent patient care.

GE Vscan Ultrasound with Dual Probe Features:

  • Phased Array and Linear transducers
  • 1.7-3.8 MHz Sector Phased Array Probe
  • 3.4-8 MHz Linear Array Probe
  • Directional Color Flow
  • Clip and Image Storage to MicroSD or MicroSDHC card in JPG and MPG formats
  • Imaging Presets
  • Voice Recorder
  • Auto Image Optimization
  • VScan Gateway Software for PC
  • VScan Web Portal
  • Docking Station

Clinical Applications for the Vscan include:

  • Cardiac
  • Abdominal
  • Urology
  • Fetal /OB
  • Pediatric
  • Selected peripheral vascular applications
  • Thoracic/pleural motion and fluid detection

Specification :

– Monitor (inch): 5.7″ LCD
– Display: 12.7 cm, 720 x 1280 pixels resolution
– Display unit: 168 x 76 x 22 mm, 321 grams (including battery)
– Dual probe: 129 x 39 x 28 mm, 120 grams


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