Kodak Carestream RVG 6100 Digital X-ray

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Kodak Carestream RVG 6100 Digital X-ray Sensor Size #2

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The Kodak Carestream RVG 6100 Digital X-ray system lets you capture and analyze dental radiographs quickly and easily. With true resolution greater than 20 lp/mm1.

The RVG 6100 sensor also provides superior comfort for your patients, positioning is even easier than before. The rounded corners of the sensor, and the rear-entry cable helps with proper sensor placement to capture a range of images, including vertical bitewings.

The Kodak Carestream RVG 6100 Digital X-ray System features a new size 0, 1, 2 sensor for pediatric specialties. The sensor is designed with rounded corners and special bite blocks for patient comfort. All three sensor sizes have new casings with the cable attached to the back of the sensor. New sensor casings for the sensors — size 1 has rounded edges and size 2 has clipped corners help provide a more comfortable experience for the patient, remove the “dead zone” factor, and allow for vertical placement.

Highest Quality. Highest Resolution.

The Kodak Carestream RVG 6100 Digital X-ray System has the highest resolution digital imaging sensor on the market today. We understand how image resolution is related to confident diagnoses – and ultimately to the quality of patient care. The RVG 6100 System provides the high resolution you need for complex examinations and to make diagnoses quickly and confidently.
Comfortable and Durable.

Due to technological advances with the optical plate and scintillator, all size sensors have increased “sensitivity,” which allows practitioners to decrease the radiation dose — up to 10% decrease for sizes 1 & 2 and 40% decrease for size 0 (depending on type and age of x-ray generator). In addition, the sensor’s rounded corners and ergonomic design helps make positioning easier than ever.

True Image Resolution
Size 0 : 14 lp/mm
Size 1 : Greater than 20 lp/mm
Size 2 : Greater than 20 lp/mm

Connection : USB 2 – High Speed

Technology : KODAK Sensor

Size 0 : Pediatric Exams
Size 1 : General Purpose Sensor
Size 2 : Bitewing Radiographs

Outside Dimensions     
Size 0 : 22.2 x 30.8 mm
Size 1 : 27.5 x 37.7 mm
Size 2 : 32.2 x 44.1 mm

Dimensions of Active Area
Size 0 : 17 x 22 mm
Size 1 : 22 x 30 mm
Size 2 : 27 x 36 mm

Matrix Dimensions  
Size 0 : 800 x 1200 pixels
Size 1 : 1200 x 1600 pixels
Size 2 : 1440 x 1920 pixels


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