Olympus BF-UC180F EBUS Bronchoscope

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Bronchoscope EBUS Bronchoscope (BF-UC180F)

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 The Olympus BF-UC180F EBUS Bronchoscope When success hinges on your ability to collect an accurate tissue sample, the Olympus EBUS bronchoscope is the proven choice.

The uniquely designed distal rigid tip allows optimal angulation and an improved approach to difficult-to-reach nodal stations such as 4L and 10R. The Olympus BF-UC180F features ultrasound capability with the EU-ME2 and other ultrasound processors from Olympus.

Key Benefits Olympus BF-UC180F:

  • Proven results:  With numerous clinical studies using the Olympus BF-UC180F EBUS Bronchoscope is proven to provide higher diagnostic yield with greater sensitivity and specificity in lymph nodes ≥5 mm.* The optimal angulation of the BF-UC180F is achieved by a uniquely designed shorter distal rigid tip, enabling an improved approach to difficult-to-reach nodal stations such as 4L and 10R.
  • Real-time sampling:  High-resolution, real-time ultrasound imaging enables direct visualization of the ViziShot 2 EBUS-TBNA needle as it penetrates the lymph node. This facilitates correct capsule-to-capsule technique, which helps to optimize sample collection.
  • Superior accuracy and precision:  The advanced real-time technology of Olympus EBUS allows more direct, accurate, and efficient sampling, with better access to more nodal stations and smaller size lymph nodes.*
  • Larger instrument channel:  The Olympus BF-UC180F EBUS scope offers a 2.2 mm instrument channel for improved suction and smooth device insertion.


Channel Width: 2.2
Working Length: 600
Field of View: 80
Direction of View: 35 degree forward oblique
Depth of Field: 2-50
Outer Diameter: 6.9
Outer Diameter Insertion Tube: 6.2
Max Angulation Up: 120
Max Angulation Down: 90


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