Pentax EC-3490Li Video Colonoscopes

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Pentax EC-3490Li Video Colonoscopes

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Pentax EC-3490Li Video Colonoscopes

The Pentax EC-3490Li Video Colonoscopes Series is comprised of reliable, HD+ megapixel resolution endoscopes. Their proven ergonomic design is a procedure-tested platform. The 90i Series HD+ megapixel resolution imaging, when combined with the EPK-i Series processors, provides high-quality visualization for both routine and advanced procedures at an excellent value.

Excellent HD+ megapixel resolution image quality

In 90i Series endoscopes, megapixel HD+ megapixel resolution technology together with optimal illumination provides image clarity which may help to effectively visualize mucosal details.

Proven ergonomic design

PENTAX Medical 90i Series endoscopes incorporate proven ergonomic design in a high-end control body. Procedure after procedure, physicians have described 90i endoscopes as easy to use with efficient handling in a wide range of procedures.

Established quality

Even with high-volume procedure schedules, 90i Series endoscopes are durable and reliable. The 90i Series provides advanced designs for the control body, instrument channel, and insertion tube. 90i Series provides overall value and low-operating costs when combined with PENTAX Medical’s convenient customer service and expert technicians.

The Pentax EC-3490Li Video Colonoscopes series are the optimal choice for an exceptional high resolution image. Combined with excellent illumination, they support better orientation and detection in endoscopic procedures. With the 90i endoscope series you can fully experience HD+ during routine examinations.

A wide range of High Definition HD+ endoscopes

90i and 90K endoscope series

• Excellent illumination for better orientation

• Megapixel CCD for an excellent image quality

• Graduated flexibility (GDF) to facilitate the examination

With a combination of technological innovations and medical responsibility, PENTAX Medical sets new standards for endoscopic diagnosis and therapy.State-of the-art medical and technological equipment of the highest quality that come with intelligent system compatibility as well as a comprehensive system program. Furthermore an efficient service program provides the highest level of investment security for endoscopists of all relevant disciplines

  • High definition screen display size give superior image quality
  • Designed for pediatric use with its slim 11.6mm diameter
  • Unique dedicated forward water jet
  • Compatible with EPK-I

– Channel Diameter (mm): 3.8
– Insertion Tube Diameter (mm): 11.6
– Working Length (mm): 1700
– Angulation (Up/Down): 180/180
– Angulation (Right/Left) 160/160
– Angle of View: 140�
– HD Technology: YES



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