Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus

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Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus 3D CBCT

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The Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus is characterized by reliable results and has absolute flexibility, the simplest operation, and high-resolution image quality.

The CBCT for the most demanding practitioners

3D Imaging has revolutionized dentistry. With it’s capability to see given situations from new and different perspectives, the technology introduced a new layer of safety and efficiency to dental practices worldwide.

Today, certain dental specializations couldn’t work without 3D anymore and a dedicated CBCT unit like the Galileos Comfort Plus gives them exactly what they need for their high demands: easy positioning, a low dose, a big field of view of 15 cm diameter and great software solutions that support their workflow and give their practice new possibilities to broaden their offering. All this is what makes the Galileos Comfort Plus the unit recommended by dentists.

The Galileos Comfort Plus is available in three packages:

* Elite Package: Galileos FaceScan, SICAT Function, RCU, and Galileos Implant
* Function Package: SICAT Function, RCU, and Galileos Implant
* Standard Package: RCU and  Implant

Benefits at a Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus :

Wide range of possibilities with a 15 cm diameter volume

CEREC users can seamlessly merge their digital impressions with 3D x-ray data using one of Dentsply Sirona’s unique treatment planning softwares: Galileos Implant (implantology), SICAT Function (TMJ disorders) and SICAT Air (Sleep apnea treatment)

Perfect workflow

Minimal learning curve and maximum practice efficiency with the intuitive control panel, the easy-to-use patient positioning as well as its optimized integration with the image processing software Sidexis.

Modern patient communication with integrated Facescanner

Patients identify themselves more easily with a face scan than with an x-ray image, enabling them to better understand your treatment recommendations

Investment security based on tried and tested quality

Celebrating 10 years of 3D Galileos family, our satisfied longtime customers have elected the Galileos Comfort Plus a three time Townie-Award winner.

Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus highlight features

One unit. All SICAT treatment solutions.

Galileos Comfort Plus is the only unit on the market that gives you access to all SICAT treatment solutions – whether it is integrated implantology, sleep apnea or TMD treatment

Excellent and simple operation

It does not matter how your X-ray room is set up – the swiveling and tilting EasyPad guarantees you an intuitive unit’s use thanks to the easily visible setup of the buttons and symbols.

Spherical 15cm volume

Galileos Comfort Plus provides all the image information you need, may it be a functions diagnostic case, a chirurgic case or sleep apnea treatment.

MARS reconstruction software

Radio paque objects, such as metals, cause metal artifacts. MARS software automatically recognizes and reduces these objects, supporting your diagnosis – without a second X-ray.

Optional Faces canner

While taking X-ray images, the optionally integrated Face  scanner plots the patient’s facial surface. This realistic illustration makes your treatment suggestions for patients understandable and builds confidence in your expertise.

With its exceptionally large 15 cm spherical volume, the Sirona Galileos Comfort cone beam system captures the entire cranio facial anatomy, including the entire jaw and temporomandibular joints. It is a perfect choice for oral surgery and orthodontic specialists in order to have access to optimal cone beam computed tomography (CBCT).

Sirona Galileos Comfort Plus sets new standards by offering superior image quality using a very low dose. The intuitive operation and optimized clinical workflow provide efficiency in both dentistry and 3D diagnostics. Galileosre presents the future of dentistry and is now available in 2 versions – both of which offer significant advantages


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