Syneron Candela Profound RF Laser

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Syneron Candela Profound RF Laser

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The Syneron Candela Profound RF Laser system provides a non-surgical alternative to address aging skin:

Using radiofrequency (RF) injectable energy, it provides long-lasting facial wrinkle reduction and improves the appearance of cellulite.

Key Benefits of Profound RF Microneedling
The Profound system can help your practice:

Fill the treatment gap that exists between dermal injectables and invasive surgery

* Adopt new patients in advance of surgery
* Retain existing patients who are not ready for surgical procedures
* Increase revenue with complementary treatments and future procedures

Bottom line:

The Profound system enhances aesthetics practices by providing a clinically proven, non-surgical, single-treatment procedure1,4,5 that requires less practice expense and patient downtime.

Syneron Candela Profound RF Laser is a One-of-a-Kind Wrinkle & Cellulite Treatment System
8 facts that make this a one-of-a-kind, must-have system.

* Clinically proven to create all 3 skin fundamentals: up to 5x more elastin, up to 2x more collagen, and increased hyaluronic acid.1,4
* First and only RF microneedling device with FDA clearance for face and body4
* Just one non-surgical treatment required to achieve lasting results2,4,5,6
* 100% response rate for facial wrinkles5,7
* 94% response rate for improvement in the appearance of cellulite4,7,8
* Reduces the appearance of cellulite severity with only one non-surgical treatment4,8,9
* The only real-time, temperature-controlled RF microneedling device4
* Proven in 8 comprehensive clinical studies

The Syneron Candela Profound RF Laser system utilizes a minimally invasive microneedle electrode array to deliver bi-polar RF energy directly into the deep reticular dermis, without thermal impact to the epidermis. A controlled high-volume fractional injury to the deep dermis creates new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

This revolutionary and unique approach enables you to create true fractionated zones of thermal injury where it will have the greatest impact, providing a solid foundation of new dermal volume.

Features ePrime’s patented Intelligent Feedback Systems, (IFS) measures impedance and monitors real time, and temperature for constant adjustment of power levels regardless of varying skin conditions or skin types.

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