Adec Decade 1021 Dental Chair

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Adec Decade 1021 Dental Chair with Package Delivery, Assistant & Light

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The Adec Decade 1021 Dental Chair is an electronically controlled, hydraulically powered dental chair that uses one of the quietest hydraulic pumps available.

Adec Decade 1021 comes standard with a Safety Stop Plate (see Figure 1) that stops the chair immediately when any part of the safety plate is pressed. Should anything inadvertently become lodged under the chair, press Base UP on the
footswitch or touch pad to raise the chair. As long as pressure is applied to the safety plate, Base UP is the only function that can be executed.

Tilting backrest, articulating headrest and hydraulic cylinders
Programmable button footswitch or optional chair touch pad for manual or automatic chair positioning
Armrests can easily pivot out of the way so your patients can be seated easily

Adec Decade 1021 Dental Chair Features:

* Double-articulating headrest
* Foot control
* Quick release armrests
* Padded armrests
* Presets
* Auto-Return
* Swivel from each side of center
* Cast-aluminum base plate
* Hydraulic cantilever system with stop plate shut off
* Your choice of Vinyl Upholstery color with clear vinyl foot scuff cover


* Hydraulics system provides smooth, quiet operation
* Swivel break prevents rotation
* Safety stop plate


* Adec Decade 1021 patient chair
* 2122 radius unit
* 6300 Radius light
* 7115 Vacuum package with instruments
* Options available including scaler, electric motor


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