Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor

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Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor (Max 80 Ncm) with Handpiece

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The Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor Series Implant Motor is the most powerful and comprehensive implant motor on the market today. It features adjustable torque and can be used for implant, surgical, and endodontic applications. Aseptico’s worldwide reputation for building strong, dependable dental equipment guarantees reliability and performance for years.

* Dynamometer calibration system ensures the greatest operational accuracy
* Six programmable preset buttons allow for complete personalization, making it ideal to work with any implant system
* Use as an oral surgery motor–up to 4.95 Ncm for any surgical application, including third molar extractions, making this a great Stryker™ replacement
* Upgradeable software means that the 7000 will stay up-to-date for years

Aseptico 7000 Series Implant Motor Features:

* Ideal for all traditional and mini implants
* Adjustable torque:
Up to 80 Ncm in Implant Mode
Up to 4.95 Ncm for surgical applications
Up to 1000 g-cm in Endo Mode
* 40k rpm autoclavable micromotor
* FDA, NRTL, and CE compliant
* Compatible with E-type 1:8 endo, 20:1 implant, 1:1, 1:2 surgical, 1:5 high speed handpieces
* Automatically adjusts to most handpiece ratios
* Upgradeable software
* Easy-load irrigation pump
* Selectable Auto-Stop function in Implant Mode and Auto-Stop-Reverse in Endo Mode when desired torque setting is reached
* Easy-to-use interface that features adjustable handpiece ratio, speed, torque, and irrigation flow settings
* Multifunction Foot Control – Pump on/off, Flow Rate, Micromotor Direction, Preset Selection and Torque
* Auto-sensing dual voltage

Console: 9.98″ x 9.42″ x 5.1″ (25.3 x 23.9 x 12.9 cm)

Console: 7.3 lbs (3.3 kg)


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